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Breast augmentation using own fatty tissue

The subtle beauty of your breasts

Breast augmentation using own fatty tissue allows safely to firm, mold shape and enlarge the breast size and to correct its asymmetry. Breasts keep their natural appearance. Unquestionable advantage of this method is simultaneous modelling of the silhouette by suction fat from other body parts. 


Before operation it is necessary to conduct an interview with the medical consultant. Medical consultant explains principles of the treatment, its procedure, possible results as well as possible complications. An additional contact with the plastic surgeon is sometimes needed, who will perform the operation. The patient receives consent to undergo surgery. The patient gives consent directly before surgery. After pre-qualification there is held an Anaesthesiological Consultation, during which the doctor shall commission some basic blood and heart examinations (blood type, morphology, ESR, electrocardiography, etc.). Directly before operation the plastic surgeon talks with the patient and he ultimately decides to carry out the treatment. 


The operation is conducted under general anesthesia. 


Breast augmentation treatment with own fat cells consists of two stages. The first is liposuction, during which the surgeon receives fatty tissue from so-called donor area. Most often it is abdomen, thighs or lumbar areas. Taken tissues are subjected to rotation, in order to get clean fat cells that are ready to transplant. Next through little punctures, with very thin cannulas the surgeon pass “own fat” to the right place – between the skin and gland, under lactiferous gland and to pectoral muscles. After the treatment on breasts a dressing and special post-operative bra are put on, which helps to shape the final look of breast. In place, from which the fatty tissue was taken also a dressing and pressure clothes are put on, thanks to which tissues are healed and smaller swellings appears. On the first days after treatment a swelling and bruising may appear. 


After the treatment patient stays in clinic 2 days. 


There are necessary 2-3 visits in order to change dressings and remove stitches. It is recommended so that the return to everyday activities was possible after minimum 14 days from convalescence. Sporting is possible after 2-3 months and tanning after 6 months after the operation.

A high protein diet is recommended and supplementation with vitamins, particularly zinc and iron.

Effects are visible on the first days after treatment, but the final result perpetuates after 4-6 weeks.

Treatment effect depends on the initial shape and size of patient’s breast, her expectations, and also from an availability of fatty tissue. At slim persons, who don't have adequate resources of fatty tissue, it isn't possible to apply this method. Initial volume of given fatty tissue is reduced about 30-40 %. Remaining treatment effects are long-lasting, but it is necessary to remember that the transplanted tissue is subject to the same processes as surrounding tissues. Breast size will change along with decline or increase in body weight. The treatment lasts about an hour. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct 2-3 operations in order to obtain expected breast augmentation. 


If it is possible, patients report to check-ups after 6 weeks and 6 months after surgery.