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Breast augmentation

Perferct breast - ideal size, natural effect...

Breast Enlargement with implants is one of the most often conducted operations in the plastic surgery. The treatment enables to safely improve the shape and size of breast as well as sometimes to correct its asymmetry. Enlarged breasts are more firm, and in a touch and movement resemble natural. 


Implantation of implants precedes small skin incisions with a length of just a few centimeters. They are most often performed in inframammary fold. Incisions around the areola nipple, or near armpit have their disadvantages both aesthetic and health. Breast augmentation involves placing the implants under bigger pectoral muscles, thanks to the appearance of breast is more natural. After placing the implants an intracutaneous absorbed stitches are sutured. Thanks to that it isn't necessary to remove them, and the scar is very little visible. The operation is conducted under general anesthesia and lasts about 1.5 hour.

Properly placed implants don't affect function of pectoral glands during pregnancy or feeding. They also don’t constitute an obstacle to proper diagnosis of the breast during ultrasound or mammography. 


Before operation it is necessary to conduct an interview with the medical consultant. Medical consultant explains principles of the treatment, its procedure, size and shape of implants, possible results as well as possible complications. An additional contact with the plastic surgeon is sometimes needed, who will perform the operation. The patient receives consent to undergo surgery. The patient gives consent directly before surgery. After pre-qualification there is held an Anaesthesiological Consultation, during which the doctor shall commission some basic blood and heart examinations (blood type, morphology, ESR, electrocardiography, etc.). Directly before operation the plastic surgeon talks with the patient and he ultimately decides to carry out the treatment. 


Breast enlargement surgery is conducted under general anesthesia. 


After the treatment dressings and a special post-operative bra are put on, which help shape the final appearance of breasts. On the first days after operation a weakness, swelling and bruising may appear on the skin. There are usually necessary 2-3 visits in the clinic in order to change dressings. The first effects are visible after about 4 weeks. Healing wound lasts about 12-14 days. The patient for about one month should avoid a physical effort and wear a modeling bra. Sporting is possible after 3 months. High temperatures, such as sauna, solarium, tanning are possible after a period of about 6 months. 


Selection of appropriate implants, similarly to choice of experienced specialist provides about success in breast augmentation surgery and achievement in satisfactory effect. During preliminary consultation the medical consultant explains differences between implants and along with the patient they select a shape and size of implants fitted to breast, chest structure, figure and aesthetic expectations. The final selection of implants is carried out by the plastic surgeon during pre-operative consultation.

In our clinic we use highest quality implants of world renowned producers, such as: Polytech, Natrelle, Mentor, Nagor. All are covered by a lifetime producer’s warranty. In exceptional cases, when implants require replacement, the warranty covers free of charge new inserts.

Breast implants vary in shape, size, type of fill and profile. We use round and anatomical implants about different projections. Patients most often decide on textured inserts, covered with an outer cover with silicone or polyurethane. Thanks to the fact that their surface isn't perfectly smooth, implants don't change their position in breasts and better grow into. In vast majority of cases we use implants filled with silicone gel, which by a special consistency causes that enlarged breasts in touch and during movement look like natural breasts. 


After the operation patient stays in clinic 2 days. Also a longer stay is possible. 


The first medical control is held within 3 days. After about 14 days the stitches are removed. Other visits are recommended to Patients after 6 weeks and 6 months from the operation.