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Nose Reshaping - Rhinoplasty

Improve the harmony of facial features

The treatment is aimed to reshape and improve nose appearance. It enables to correct its proportions as well as acquired or congenital asymmetry. Hooked, too long, high, wide, elliptical or crooked nose is reshaped. Surgery may also eliminate the obstruction and facilitate breathing by straightening the nasal septum. 


Before qualification to operation there is necessary a preliminary interview with the medical consultant. Medical consultant explains principles of the operation, its procedure, possible results as well as possible complications. An additional contact with the plastic surgeon, who will perform the operation, is sometimes needed. The patient receives consent to undergo surgery. The patient gives consent directly before surgery. Then the patient is contacted by an anesthesiologist who assesses the state of her medical condition, he shall commission some examinations (blood type, morphology, ESR, electrocardiography, etc.). The anesthesiologist qualifies the patient for surgery under general anesthesia. Directly before operation the plastic surgeon talks with the patient and he ultimately decides to carry out the treatment. 


The operation is conducted under general anesthesia. 


Depending on a kind of problem, the nose structure as well as individual patient expectations, the operation is carried out by reshaping part of bone, cartilage or both in case so-called total reshaping. In some cases the operation of nose reshaping requires refilling its losses. Then bone grafts from the hip or transplant silicone are applied. During operation the doctor performs inside incisions and sometimes at the base of nose. Scars after the treatment are practically invisible. The operation lasts 1-2 hours. After the operation on the nose a stiff, thermosetting dressing are put on in order to immobilize it. Tamponade, which blocks bleeding and keep nose shape, is placed inside. 


The patient stays in clinic 2 days. In individual cases the hospitalization can last longer. 


Setons are removed from the nose after 2-5 days. An outside dressing is removed after 9 days from the operation. At that time usually necessary are 2-3 check-ups at the clinic in order to evaluate the healing process. It is recommended so that the return to everyday activities was possible after 2-3 weeks from convalescence. Sporting is recommended after 3 months. It is necessary also to avoid high temperatures, excessive sunlight and solarium by the period of 5-6 months. 


  • removing of bone hump
  • change of nose tip shape
  • reduction, shortening, straightening the nose
  • straightening nasal septum
  • narrowing blades and reshaping holes size
  • lifting tip 


If it is possible, patients report to check-ups after 6 weeks and 6 months after surgery.