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Breast Lift - Mastopexy

To restore a youthful shape and firmness of your breasts.

The operation restores breasts lost firmness. They are lifted, and their shape is satisfying. Most women decide to have surgery after pregnancy, feeding, an intensive weight loss and skin susceptible to limpness (paucity of collagen and elastic fibers). 


Before operation it is necessary to conduct an interview with the medical consultant. Medical consultant explains principles of the treatment, its procedure, possible results as well as possible complications. An additional contact with the plastic surgeon is sometimes needed, who will perform the operation. The patient receives consent to undergo surgery. The patient gives consent directly before surgery. After pre-qualification there is held an Anaesthesiological Consultation, during which the doctor shall commission some basic blood and heart examinations (blood type, morphology, ESR, electrocardiography, etc.). Directly before operation the plastic surgeon talks with the patient and he ultimately decides to carry out the treatment. 


The operation is conducted under general anesthesia. 


Depending on a size and shape of breast the surgeon performs incisions in one of techniques: around the areola nipple, also from areola to inframammary fold or in a shape of inverted letter T. Breasts lift treatment consists in modeling them in such a way that nipple and areola were situated at the height expected by the patient. During operation an excess of skin and subcutaneous layer is also removed. Next, breasts are appropriately shaped so that in the final effect were more compact, firm and lifted.

In case when the breasts are small or lost their size, during lifting operation it is possible also to enlarge the breast with implants or own fat. The skin is sutured with intracutaneous absorbed stitches, which doesn’t require late removal.

Precision of the surgeon and appropriate technique of stitching cause that the scar is slight and along with time most often becomes unnoticeable.

Some operational techniques of breast lift may affect function of pectoral glands while feeding. 


After the operation patient stays in clinic 2 days. 


After the treatment dressings and a special post-operative bra are put on, which help shape the final appearance of breasts. On the first days after operation a weakness, swelling and bruising may appear on the skin. There are usually necessary 2-3 visits in the clinic in order to change dressings. The first effects are visible after about 4 weeks. Healing wound lasts about 12-14 days. The patient for about one month should avoid a physical effort and wear a modeling bra. Sporting is possible after 3 months. High temperatures, such as sauna, solarium, tanning are possible after a period of about 6 months. 


The first medical control is held within 3 days. After about 14 days the stitches are removed. Other visits are recommended to Patients after 6 weeks and 6 months from the operation.